$ greet
            Hello world, it's me :)
            $ whois -u profnandaa --socials
            Tw: @profnandaa
            GH: @profnandaa
            $ whois -u profnandaa --blogs
            Blog on CS topics: https://nandaa.dev/cs
            Blog on OS/containers internals: https:/krnl.to
            $ whois -u profnandaa --extra

            Lately, I've been doing a YouTube thing, check it out http://bored.black
            I'm into music, a lot! When I retire from software, I would like to be a producer.
            I play the bassguitar, soon starting a collective with friends of mine, #AJamSupreme.
            I hope to do a jazz record one day.
            That is not all about me, and it's not at all about me -- I'm just a canvas,
            look up beyond the skies, you will see the Artist.
            $ whois -u profnandaa --email
            $ whois -u profnandaa --book-calendar